Friday, July 31, 2009

Pop's Hotdogs - The Best Breakfast Not in Williamsburg

In nearby York County, at the corner of Route 17 and Denbigh Boulevard you can find Pop’s Hotdogs. I have no idea of how long they have been in business but I have been aware of them for a least 30 years. If you like no-frills, short-order food served in a rushed but highly competent fashion, then this is the place. The regulars who sometimes form a line out the door in the busy mornings are primarily tradesmen loading up on the carbs, grease, and cholesterol before a day full of installing aluminum siding, unclogging toilets, or rewiring breaker boxes. Some of the tables are communal-you may be rubbing elbows with someone named Sonny, Bubba, or Butch. They offer free morning papers and the informed local politician or CEO is often part of the crowd. You won’t see too many copies of the Wall Street Journal though.

Great eggs, great bacon, great sausage, great grits, great biscuits, and great pancakes make it a great place to eat. The food and servers contribute to a true authentic experience and the antithesis of Williamsburg’s plethora of Greek-run Pancake Houses or the inedible breakfast buffets. Pop’s is for the very adventurous tourist or suburbanite. If you are on your way to install a tile floor, you already know about Pops. Regardless of who you are, you will be welcomed and you can get out of there for less than $5! Be sure to tip these hard working waitresses well!

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