Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lovely Rita's Gelati and Custard-Best Family Dessert

Although a part of a national franchise, Rita's Italian Ice in the standalone building on Monticello Avenue is a must visit destination for cooling summer desserts. I wouldn't bother with anything but the Gelati...a mix of flavored ice and custard. Flavors change on a regular basis and on today's visit I had vanilla custard with the mango ice. Rita's isn't cheap but is very high quality. I used to order the large size but now I'm usually content with the small cup.

Lines can form quickly but service is always swift. My best friend and partner once coined the phrase "4th of Gelati" in tribute to our annual visit on the 4th of July. The ideal time to visit is right at that magic twilight moment when the heat of the day gives way to a cool evening breeze. If the winds fail to blow, frosty relief can be found in the green, red, and white cup--the emblem of a Rita's Gelati.

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