Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Inn and Out in Williamsburg - Guest Review by Hungryman

For the canine gourmand, restaurant options in Williamsburg are limited to take-out.  A shiny black and white coat will open a lot of doors, but you need a tie to get in the Williamsburg Inn. On a recent trip to Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital, Hungryman had the great fortune to sample the cuisine at Taco Mexicali, located at 6572 Richmond Road. As the name implies, their specialty is tacos. These are not your typical gringo-style wraps overflowing with watery iceberg lettuce and flavorless cheese, which are a nuisance to anyone with respectable jowels. Taco Mexicali tacos are the real thing. They are simple, delicious, and offered with several irresistible fillings — pastor, marinated roast pork; barbacoa, smoked and steamed beef; carnitas, braised pork butt; chorizo, spicy sausage to name just a few. At the condiment bar you will find green chili sauce, chipotle sauce, whole fire-roasted jalapenos, diced onion, cilantro, and other traditional toppings. The restaurant also makes very good guacamole and refreshing margaritas. Hungryman has not actually tried the margaritas, but his people say they are excellent. If you are a hungryman or hungrygirl and want delicious Mexican fare at bargain prices, leash up, pack some paper towels for excess drool, and have your chauffeur drive you to Taco Mexicali. 

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