Monday, August 10, 2009

Chez Trinh - Vietnamese Meets Korean

If there is one place in Williamsburg made for contemplative types, then Chez Trinh is it. (I understand that live folk and gospel music is performed in the evenings, so extraverts rejoice!) Located in the remnants of a once thriving shopping center, this is Williamsburg's first and only Vietnamese Restaurant. The original owners were a Vietnemese family but the current owners are Korean. As a consequence, the menu is fairly broad and includes some traditional Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean dishes.

This a great place for a quiet and polite lunch with white table cloths and attentive servers. You see a lot of starched oxfords from the college crowd. I sat by two Catholic priests on my most recent visit. The food is good and usually very even although somewhat bland compared to other ethnic experiences. I would think the owners have plenty of room to err on the more adventurous side with some very spicy seafood or vegetarian dishes. (Perhaps they don't want anyone to get hot under the collar!)

The prices are certainly right for either lunch or dinner. I think the noodle and soup dishes are the best but I recently tried and liked the Bul Gal Bi, a Korean dish of B.B.Q. marinated beef served with onions with a side of rice and kimchi. Although, the food at Chez Trinh has its limitations if you are a devotee of this type of cuisine, it is nice to have this option in Williamsburg.

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