Friday, August 7, 2009

Coffee Beanery - The Anti-Starbucks

I'm probably not the best judge for evaluating the experience of this local coffeehouse and eatery since I don't drink coffee.  But I have found it is a convenient alternative to the fast paced rush of Starbucks as it has a touch of personal service.  Located in a small shopping center off of Jamestown Road, the Coffee Beanery seems to have attracted a morning cadre of the area's retirees who take full advantage of the spacious layout for social contact.  The young owner/manager of the restaurant seems to know many by name and quickly remembers their orders from previous visits.

Along with coffee and teas, the fresh salads,breakfast breads and sandwiches are definitely more appetizing than what you find at a Starbucks counter.  The waits are non-existent and the counterhelp will bring your order to the table.

I wish they had a selection of newspapers...particularly the New York Times for sale.  There are coin-operated boxes outside the shopping center but who carries $2.00 in quarters everyday to get a paper?  The WORST part of the experience is the unexplainable running of FOX news on the TVs.  But wait a minute...this is Williamsburg...what else would be on the TV?

Coffee Beanery also offers free Wi-Fi and laptop users take full advantage of the laid back environment throughout the day.  Coffee Beanery is a nice quiet place to start the day, (bring you own paper) and grab something to eat before work.  At some point, this blog may be written while sitting at one of the table while sipping green tea.

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