Friday, August 28, 2009

Hog Wild Smokehouse - Perhaps Hog Mild is More Appropriate

I was looking forward to trying this restaurant for several reasons.  I have driven by the ramshackle looking frame building way out on Route 60 past Toanao several times in the recent past noticing the overflowing parking lot and wood smoke belching from the cooker-both good signs.  I had also read several positive reviews on the internet.  I also love barbeque. And finally, it was my birthday celebration dinner with my sweetie.

Maybe because we had sat through the new Julie & Julia movie and were sated by digitally mastered French dishes.  Or that maybe we had a little too much popcorn.  But I wanted desperately to like this restaurant.  I was even mentally planning to bring my British friends for an American-style pig out. But as you may predict by now, I did not have a great experience.

The restaurant bills its fare as: "Traditional smokehouse barbeque and authentic Creole cuisine."  We tried the barbequed chicken, pulled pork, and brisket and ended up asking for a to-go box but not because the portions were too large.  We left the seasoned plank fries behind. 

Several Cajun/New Orleans specialities are featured on the menu and perhaps we may try them at some point.  Fortunately for me, my son spent a year at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette-so I know something about Cajun food. But based  on this one dinner, I would say the food was OK but the dim interior was oppressively uncomfortable.  Service however, was both earnest and pleasant.

The best part of the meal was coming home to a Craig Claiborne recipe cheesecake made by my special birthday chef.

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