Saturday, August 29, 2009

Capitol Pancake House - Where the Local Constabulary Eats

There are plenty of caricatures about the eating habits of our men and women in blue but you know it is a good sign when you see the police cars congregated in a restaurant's parking lot without a misdemeanor in sight. Such is the case (no pun intended here) with the weekday breakfast scene at the Capitol Pancake House--one of many of the town's Greek owned syrup and batter places. What's sets the Capitol PH apart is the local following of both LE and civilians of many sizes and shapes. (Warning: eating daily at any pancake house tends to push the shapes towards the rotund side of the spectrum.)

The Capitol is conveniently and coincidentally located on Capitol Landing Road near the Historic Area. The large restaurant is staffed with a core group of long-time waitresses who will remember your preferences after you become a regular. Besides the competent but standard breakfast food, the locals are tempted by a discount card that the Capitol offers to its regular patrons. And the tenth meal is free! It's a shame they don't offer a discount for a local gym though.

The Capitol also offer a nice lunch selection but you won't find any health food among the burgers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. The close proximity of the restaurant to Colonial Williamsburg entices many of the hard working employees for can expect to see someone in colonial garb at every lunch hour without having to buy a ticket.

I would recommend the Capitol to all locals looking for a decent breakfast spot. If you are a tourist, it is great as well. I can't imagine how a visitor goes about choosing a pancake house given the wide variety of names and locations. If you are indecisive, come here!

Now let's see...if I eat breakfast and lunch here on Monday and Tuesday (Tuesday is double stamp day on your discount card) only three more meals until my free one! Or is it four? No matter how you do the math, I hope to see you there. Just don't have any outstanding warrants.

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